Universe of Particles

Cern / Geneva

The CERN nuclear research centre in Geneva deals with issues such as the Big Bang and unknown matter. Public interest in CERN is enormous, as this is where answers to fundamental questions about the origin of existence are being sought. To make complex topics such as quantum and nanophysics understandable for the general public, the visitor centre presents the research results in an appealing and comprehensible format. One highlight is the recently opened "Universe of Particles" exhibition, which brings visitors closer to both the microcosm and the macrocosm.


Insight into the "Universe of Particles". The impressive exhibition was created by the architecture firm Atelier Brückner from Stuttgart. In its design, architectural elements represent the cosmos through spherical exhibit displays depicting molecules, atoms and planets. The architects were inspired by a material sample from Hasenkopf consisting of thermoformed Corian combined with seamlessly bonded acrylic. This combination of materials was considered ideal for the exhibition.


"Hasenkopf", with its expertise in processing Corian and acrylic, was commissioned to produce these ball displays. The spherical showcases made of Corian and acrylic are spectacularly illuminated and integrate impressive lighting effects, designed by Atelier Derrer from Zurich. These showcases not only present exhibits, but also film projections that illuminate the entire room. With this combination of space, projection and exhibits, visitors are transported into an immersive experience in which they feel part of the universe.
 Many years of experience have made it possible to produce perfect spherical moulds with mirror-smooth surfaces. The CERN exhibition demonstrates the potential of modern processing techniques. Hasenkopf proves to be a trustworthy partner, both for large architectural firms and for smaller craft businesses, in order to implement challenging projects together.