Bathroom design

Made by Hasenkopf

The bathroom is one of the most personal rooms in our homes. After all , this is where you are on your own and where your life takes place: You recharge your batteries for the start of a new day, your children play in the bathtub, you celebrate life together, get close to your partner or enjoying complete relaxation alone on a cosy weekend evening.

Bathrooms with luxury should be as diverse as your life and become a central living space or spa in your home: Hasenkopf creates exactly this stylish, elegant and customized bathroom for you. We do this by combining design, high-quality materials and creativity in our extraordinary designs. Are you looking for your own personal interpretation of the perfect bathroom? If so, Hasenkopf is the right contact for you.


Designing with solid surface material

Stylish, powerful and timeless

Our bathroom products are characterized by the highest quality and durability. We take great care to use only first-class materials to ensure that our products are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also meet the highest standards of functionality and comfort. Every detail is crafted with precision and dedication to offer you an exceptional bathing experience. Simply Special.

As a responsible company, we attach great importance to the sustainable production and extraction of our raw materials. Our range includes custom-made washstands, washbasins, shower trays, bathtubs and bathroom furniture that are characterized by a distinctive look and a clear design language. Each product is a statement of style, power and timeless aesthetics.

We stand for individuality and freedom in planning