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Discover exciting opportunities in an innovative environment at Hasenkopf. We focus on quality, craftsmanship and creative solutions. Work with high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology on challenging projects. In our dedicated team, we encourage teamwork and open communication to value your ideas and skills.

At Hasenkopf, you can develop your full potential in an inspiring community. Become part of our team and experience how your passion is can become a reality. Together we can achieve great things and realize your career goals. At Hasenkopf, you won't just find a job, but an emotional bond that will inspire you. Become part of our success story.





At Hasenkopf, we are passionate about the well-being of our employees. Our company pension scheme, including the carpenter's pension and company pension plan (BAV), gives you security and confidence for the future. It is important to us that you feel comfortable and protected with us in the long term, because you are the heart of our company.


Our team is close to our hearts. We look after the well-being of our employees with health benefits and programmes as well as a company doctor. Together we participating sporting events and offer the JobRad. As a team, we achieve common goals and stay healthy, strong and well looked after.

Further training

At Hasenkopf, we invest in the further training of our employees to strengthen their skills and increase their performance. We offer various training and development measures, be it through training courses, e-learning or exchange of experience. With us, you have the opportunity to discover new paths and develop yourself further. Together we will shape your professional future.

Das gibt es extra!

Enjoy from corporate benefits and secure attractive discounts from our partners. Become part of our "Employees Recruit Employees" programme and receive generous rewards for referrals.

Team spirit

At Hasenkopf, you can develop your potential in a world full of opportunities. Contribute your skills and passion for top products and celebrate unforgettable team events with us - such as our annual family company party, the traditional Oktoberfest in the marquee, trainee events or at various team events in the department and feel the genuine community in which you feel comfortable and develop personal contacts away from work.

Workplace cult

Work in a modern design office with spacious workstations, meet colleagues in communicative communal kitchens or as a trainee in your own trainee room. You can also revitalize your spirit with free sparkling water and brewed coffee. And we continue to invest in our workplaces so that you can develop to your full potential in a great working atmosphere. At Hasenkopf, we make sure that you can also enjoy the little pleasures of daily life.


At Hasenkopf, we are convinced that a good work-life balance leads to satisfaction, happiness and long-term success. We offer an excellent work-life balance so that you can harmoniously combine your professional and private life. We create a supportive environment in which you can use your time effectively and set priorities: Flexible working hours and mobile offices are established practice, as is individual coordination over longer, temporary periods of absence.

Employee benefits

As a Hasenkopf employee, you can enjoy maximum discounts on our own high-quality products. We want to offer you something special and strengthen your bond with the company. Get exclusive products and experience the feeling of being part of our big family.




At Hasenkopf, we offer you exciting opportunities for new professional challenges! As a growing company, we are looking for motivated and talented colleagues to join our team. In our open and team-oriented working environment, you can fully develop your ideas and skills. You work on exciting and challenging projects and can develop your full potential.

Your work-life balance is very important to us. That's why we offer flexible working hours and a wide range of benefits, including a company pension scheme, training opportunities and health programmes. Joint activities and regular meetings strengthen team spirit and create a positive working atmosphere. Take the chance and join the Hasenkopf family!


At Hasenkopf, we offer vacancies in various areas such as production, sales, marketing, HR or technical drawing. We welcome career changers to the team and encourage you to apply even if your profile does not fit 100% with an advertised position. There may be another option

or a new position can be created. Our motto is "Simply Special"! Apply now and become part of our dynamic team that is at the top of its field! As a new team member, we look forward to being on a first-name-basis soon and celebrating extraordinary successes together.

Only local job opportunities in Germany currently open, pls. visit the german site.


Your training with us: At Hasenkopf, we offer you training that will inspire and challenge you. Whether you want to use your manual skills, love creative design or have commercial talent - we have the perfect apprenticeship for you. In close cooperation with other talented trainees

and guided by our experienced trainers, you will work on exciting projects and can develop your full potential. At Hasenkopf, you can expect versatility, variety and exciting challenges. Become part of our team and together we will master extraordinary projects!

Only local job opportunities in Germany currently open, pls. visit the german site.

Dual study programme

We are enthusiastic about training young talent! With our combined study programme, we enable you to complete an apprenticeship and a Bachelor's degree in just 4.5 years. You can apply your theoretical knowledge directly in practice. We attach great importance to practice-oriented training and support your personal development.

 If you want a dynamic career, you can really get going after your dual studies with us towards increasing personnel responsibility or specialist expertise - apply with us now! Here you will find a list of all available places for the dual study programme:

Only local job opportunities in Germany currently open, pls. visit the german site.


An internship at Hasenkopf is the perfect opportunity for pupils, students and graduates to gain valuable practical experience in a state-of-the-art industrial manufacturing facility. In our internship programme, you will work on exciting projects and be supported by experienced colleagues. In addition to professional learning, our internships also offer the opportunity to

build important relationships in the industry and make valuable contacts. If you are interested in an internship with us, please send us your application documents. Take the first step towards an exciting professional future! Here you will find a list of all available internships:

Only local job opportunities in Germany currently open, pls. visit the german site.

Practical semester

An internship semester at Hasenkopf is a unique opportunity for students to gain practical experience and put their theoretical knowledge into practice. During this semester, you will work together with experienced colleagues on exciting and practice-relevant projects and gain valuable experience and practical skills.

We offer you comprehensive supervision and support so that you can make the most of your skills. Immerse yourself in the world of professional practice and take advantage of this unique opportunity to gain new insights. Send us your application documents and start your exciting internship semester with us. Together we can achieve great things!

Only local job opportunities in Germany currently open, pls. visit the german site.

Do you have any questions?

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Sina Melchin
Head of Human Resort

T +49 8677 9847 41


Be prepared!

Always be prepared - one of the most important career tips! Find out in advance about the company and the position you are applying for in order to appear more confident and successful and increase your career opportunities.

Understand what you are applying for!

Understand the job you have applied for! Take time to understand the requirements and expectations and show specifically how you can contribute your skills and experience.

Tell us something about yourself!

Tell us something about yourself! Emphasize your strengths and skills that are relevant to the position you are applying for and highlight relevant experience to show yourself as positive and authentic.

Relax and be yourself!

Relax and be yourself. Show your strengths and experience in a natural and approachable manner, without pretending. Be authentic and avoid putting too much pressure on yourself or playing a role that doesn't suit you.

Be specific.

Avoid making vague or general statements in your application. Instead, describe exactly what experience and skills you have and how you can contribute them to the position you are applying for. Also refer to specific examples and successes from your previous career.

Ask questions.

Ask questions. Show interest and commitment by asking questions during the application process. This also shows that you have informed yourself and want to present yourself as an interested applicant.




Unleash your potential at Hasenkopf! With individual development, training and exciting projects, we offer you the opportunity to advance your career in a dynamic environment.

Become part of our successful team and start your journey to success now. Apply today and achieve great things at Hasenkopf!

Managers - Development

Our management development unleashes potential and creates a culture of further development. We promote skills and successful team leadership with targeted training and coaching. Strong managers are the basis of our success. At Hasenkopf, we invest in your development - starting with young talent.

Specialist & expert training

Take your skills to a new level with our specialist and expert training courses. Our customized training courses support your career path and impart up-to-date knowledge. Immerse yourself in a world of professional development at Hasenkopf. Together we achieve top performance and make your dreams come true.

Career paths

Discover your path at Hasenkopf! We offer individual development opportunities and support you in developing your strengths and achieving your goals. Whether you are looking for a management position or specialist expertise - we will provide the right support. Start your career at Hasenkopf now and make your professional dreams come true.