Shower with edge drain

Make your dream of a perfect shower come true with the Miraklon DW-RA shower trays! These unique masterpieces made from the high-quality solid surface material Miraklon are manufactured in a single cast to ensure a seamless design without compromising on functionality. Both the shower tray and the drain cover are made of the same material, which ensures a consistent and harmonious appearance. The drain is cleverly positioned at the edge of the shower tray to complete the overall aesthetic impression. Choose from eleven different dimensions and experience pure perfection in your shower. Miraklon DW-RA shower trays are the epitome of elegance and quality. Immerse yourself in an incomparable shower experience and enjoy the timeless beauty of these masterpieces.


  • Miraklon® Edelweiss to match to Corian® Glacier White
  • Miraklon® Modern White to match to Corian® Designer White
  • Miraklon® Classic White to match to Hi-Macs® Alpine White



  • Cast Miraklon® shower tray by Hasenkopf
  • With a gradient of approx. 2 % leading to the drain
  • With concealed drain (on the edge)
  • Removable drain cover (precise fit thanks to conical feet)
  • Dimensions drain cover (W/D): 130 x 130 mm
  • Easy-to-clean inner drain area corners thanks to coving
  • Suitable for drain sets with a diameter of 90 mm as standard (Geberit Uniflex D90 can be supplied as an option)
  • At least 63 mm installation height required for flush floor installation
  • From a shower tray size of 1400 mm, the slope begins after a level entry area

Installation system (optional)

Our installation system for shower trays enables quick assembly and easy alignment of the shower tray. Installation flush with the floor is possible from an installation height of 63 mm. The installation kit is not included with the shower trays with central drain and must be ordered separately (item no. DW-MONTAGE).