DW installation


Installation system for shower trays

We have developed a special installation system for installing Hasenkopf shower trays made of the acrylic-bonded solid surface material Miraklon®: The use of pedestals enables the shower tray to be aligned quickly and easily. In combination with a formwork panel and anti-slip mats, a high level of stability is ensured.

Contents of the installation kit

  • Waterproof formwork panel, thickness 15 mm
  • Pedestal bearing: Adjustment range 30 to 123 mm, depending on shower tray size 5 or 7 pieces (specify installation height when ordering)
  • Anti-slip pads and anti-slip mats with acoustic decoupling
  • Detailed assembly instructions
  • Drain set
  • Geberit Uniflex D90 optionally available

Installation using installation kit

  • Position the pedestals on the floor and adjust the height accordingly
  • Place anti-slip pads on the pedestals
  • Place the formwork panel on the pedestal support
  • Place anti-slip mat on formwork panel
  • Insert the shower tray and check the position and location
  • Note: Sealing to the building structure in accordance with DIN 18534 must be carried out on site.