Customized wall segments


Our custom-made shower splashbacks made of high-quality solid surface material. The symbiosis of aesthetics and functionality adapts perfectly to individual room concepts. Thanks to the non-porous surface, they offer maximum and easy hygiene. Our precision manufacturing prevents water from collecting in joints and the high-quality finish guarantees durability and resistance to wear and tear. Transform your bathroom into a modern wellness oasis where you can relax with our wall segments. If you combine the wall segments with our shower trays, you can create a completely seamless shower.


All Corian® and Hi-Macs® colors



Our wall segments are manufactured flexibly in terms of height, width, form and angle of inclination.


Simple shower splashback

Seamlessly bonded shower splashbacks made of 12 mm thick solid surface material, supplied in individual parts for easy installation. Curved back panels are also available on request.

Shower splashback with drilled holes

Solid surface back panel with drilled holes: Perfect for fittings, mixer faucets or shower rods. Modern, functional, aesthetic.

Rear wall with bench

The individually sized bench offers additional comfort and is seamlessly connected to the shower rear wall. All edges are designed as low-maintenance coving.

Integrated wall niche

Solid surface rear wall with niche: Seamless design, hygienic, optimum storage space. Modern, easy to clean and aesthetically integrated into any bathroom.

Alcove with lighting

Solid surface shower with illuminated niche: Aesthetics meets function. Seamless, hygienic, with atmospheric lighting - a highlight for every modern bathroom.