Polygonal counters


What could be more obvious than using the clear and pure appearance of a unique premium material to create almost unreal shapes? The polygonal counters, whose extravagant contours are the result of multiple geometric objects that are worked and connected with the utmost precision, are almost futuristic. The structure in the chaos creates a counter body that combines functionality and unusual design. The polygonal counters from Hasenkopf look good both in a modern, cool ambience and as a deliberate contrast and solitaire in an organic setting.



Precise structural milling makes the material appear translucent and allows for a unique interplay of light and color. Let your company logo shine and create three-dimensional objects made of light with sculptural milling.

Thermal deformation

The thermal plasticity of the solid surface material makes even the most unusual shapes with three-dimensional bending elements possible.


High-precision milled pockets in the surface of the counters create a seamless highlight on your counter’s surface with inlays in a variety of materials and colors.


Lacquering in the color spectrum and subsequent surface treatment with lacquer offer even more individuality and emphasize the depth effect and highlight structures

Material mix through bonding

Create accents and highlights by using different colors and materials. The seamlessly bonded elements look as if they have been cast from a single piece.