Surfaces for kitchen skinks

Kitchen skinks

Our solid surface worktops are characterized by their versatility and offer tailor-made solutions for different living and working areas. We manufacture your worktop precisely to your custom dimensions and support you with our expertise right from the planning phase. 

The special properties of solid surface material make it possible to integrate hobs, basins and sinks seamlessly into the worktop. The curved shapes and roundings make it easier to clean your worktop, while clever ventilation slots and special storage areas for saucepans perfect your working environment.

Installation types

Jointless substructure

Cut-out for sinks fitted on-site

Substructure sinks fitted on-site

Flush installation

Finishes and edge shapes for kitchen worktops

Final bevel

Final rounding with radius

Rounding with arch

Cut-outs & millings for kitchen worktops

Drill holes

Hearth recesses

Ventilation slots

Cooking pot racks

Drip grooves

Deep grinding discontinuous

Deep grinding contrasted