Shower, washbasin and bathroom cabinet in one

Elegant minimalism meets innovative functionality. A combination of shower, washbasin and cabinet.
Designed for the smallest of spaces. Our shower and washbasin combination is characterized by its elegant design and the use of high-quality solid surface material and wood, which ensure a pleasant touch experience and at the same time promise exceptional durability. Sophisticated details such as concealed sockets, a light made of solid surface material and a mirror mounted on the outside of the shower wall emphasize the clear lines and enable seamless integration into any sophisticated bathroom interior in the smallest of spaces. As the central element, the Shower-Washbasin-Unit sets new standards in bathroom design by combining aesthetics and practical requirements in a harmonious design.


  • Standard white carcass, all other colors of the current Corian® and HIMACS® collection available on request.
  • Various elements such as drawers and cupboard doors can also be made of oak.



The shower and washbasin combination can be manufactured in any size and is completely flexible in terms of height, width and depth. Depending on your wishes and the space available, the Solid Surface shower can be adapted to any home.


The basin is made from the unique Miraklon® material and has a seamless finish. The smart, hygienic surface of the washbasin top rounds off the stylish look. Its perfect shape and harmonious lines make it a real eye-catcher in the bathroom. A drain is positioned in the middle of the basin, meaning that as much storage space as required can be planned on both sides.


The washbasin with a frame made of Corian® from Dupont and two drawers with soft-close function and a double socket offer a surprising amount of storage space. In addition, the wall cabinet has three glass shelves and a double socket that is invisibly integrated into the cabinet. This piece of bathroom furniture combines design, quality and sophistication.

Shower area

The ground-level platform made of acrylic-bonded solid surface material radiates natural calm and warmth. Our shower bases are manufactured flexibly in terms of length, width, shape and angle of inclination.

Shower enclosure

The shower enclosure made of 8 mm thick toughened safety glass with a mirror on the outside offers a unique solution that is both practical, durable and visually impressive. The shower enclosure is stabilized by a modern, black powder-coated fixing bar.

Lamp made of solid surface material

The shower/washbasin combination is complemented by an energy-saving LED lamp whose casing is also made of solid surface material by means of thermal forming. The lamp, the body of which is seamlessly finished, is attached to the ceiling with a steel cable on one side and directly to the cabinet wall on the other.

Additional functions for solid surface back walls

Seating element

We understand that every person is unique. That's why we customize the size and height of the seamless seat to suit you. Whether you are tall or short, our seat element will meet your exact needs to give you a soothing and relaxing shower experience.

Storage area

Imagine how you can start your day with an optimally organized shower area. Everything you need is within easy reach for the perfect start to the day. Or treat yourself to a soothing reward in the evening: with the variable-size shower alcove, you have all your favorite products right in front of you and can fully indulge in pleasure and relaxation.

Illuminated storage area

Step into your shower and be greeted by a warm beam of light. The gentle glow creates a feel-good atmosphere that enchants all the senses and lets you experience pure relaxation. Leave your everyday life behind and enjoy your personal wellness area.