Custom-made bathtub


With individual additional processing

Experience the ultimate luxury in your custom-made bathtub! The made-to-measure tub provides a completely new bathing experience that leaves nothing to be desired. With flexible dimensions and variable fittings, your dream bathtub adapts perfectly to your home while also making a visual statement.

Experience relaxing pleasure and immerse yourself in your custom-made bath, perfectly tailored to your needs. Choose from a purist, waisted or soft inner form and modify the body with individual additional finishes to suit your needs.


Miraklon® Edelweiss
Miraklon® Modern White
Miraklon® Classic White

Other colors on request



Bath body purist, soft, waisted or individual form

  • With hole for overflow
  • Optional: Drain cover made of solid surface material, in the same color as the bathtub, integrated flush with the surface (drain set required: Viega Multiplex)

Additional processing

Cover panel

With a cover panel in the same color made of high-quality solid surface material, seamless bonding and the option of drilling holes for on-site fittings, this bathtub offers maximum functionality and aesthetics. In addition, the edge processing is custom designed with radii or chamfers according to your wishes

Niche rear wall

The back panel is characterized by its smooth bonding, which ensures a seamless appearance. You also have the option of designing the inner edges as 5 mm or 9 mm coving. The edges are finished with radii or chamfers according to your wishes.

Straight apron

The smooth bonding of the backsplash and top panel ensures a seamless appearance. The edges of the bathtub can also be custom finished with radii or chamfers. Surface treatment with Frescata® is also possible.

Curved apron

Smooth bonding of the backsplash and cover panel ensures a seamless appearance, even with curved aprons. The edges of the bathtub can also be custom finished with radii or chamfers. Surface treatment with Frescata® is also possible.

Storage compartment

Smooth bonding of the apron and storage compartment ensures a flawless appearance. The additional storage space is made exactly to measure to ensure a perfect fit. Optionally, you can add a shelf or an inspection flap.

Step entry

The custom-made step entry of this bathtub is seamlessly bonded and offers a monolithic appearance. The edges are finished according to your individual wishes to create a harmonious overall appearance. Optionally, a substructure can be added to provide additional stability and support.

Customized tub body

Enjoy your custom-designed bathtub with a harmonious overall look thanks to the matching colours of the bathtub body and cover plate. The smooth connection results in a seamless surface appearance. As an option, the bath can be adapted with holes for on-site fittings to meet your personal requirements.